In the vast desert of the Arizona/Nevada Border a group of aliens have existed for 300 years. 
Now, they are ill and their children are dying. 
The colony cannot decide how to survive. The Rygelian Council are at each other's throats.
Finally, they find an answer which is perfect for them but deadly for humans who are not 
even aware they exist. This story twists and turns as humans and Rygelians are pitted against
each other in a dangerous mixture of murder, romance, lies and superior intelligence. This is
one Sci Fi book which is a fast ride from beginning to end. It will make you wish for further 
adventures from the main characters. If you love Sci Fi, weaponry, scientific breakthroughs 
and survival of the fittest, this is your book.

PERFECT PEOPLE - Sci Fi Thriller
On an island in Central  America a group of scientists have discovered a way to improve on
nature and produce perfect humans. It is a great risk as the scientists are quickly 
overtaken by the children who become far more intelligent and devious than their
creators. Controlling the children, particularly the teens is difficult especially,
when some of the "perfect" teens have a flaw which was not noticed. Some of the brilliant
children are psychopaths and determined to gain control. They are cruel and reckless while 
their counterparts are compassionate and are truly knowledgeable enough to save the world.
This story will appeal to anyone who liked 'Lord of the Flies' or 'Island of Dr. Moreau'. 
This is a modern battle for supremacy and the survival of humanity.